Robert Pascal Harrold

Our son was born by c section 22nd April at 11.11am. I don’t think I’ve cried such a varied range of emotions all in one go! I was so scared about the procedure. I was in great hands though. I just wanted to know after all we had been through that Robert was fine. So far so good. He came at exactly 9 weeks. He weighted 6.14 pounds and has a fine head of hair and set of lungs! We are so happy to have him.

Its day 15 and he has settled into breast feeding and is gaining weight slowly but surely. Life as we knew it then has been enhanced by his presence. I still can’t believe its happened. Do we have to give him back! Its nothing that I imagined. For example his fragility doesn’t worry me! My confidence comes and goes but I know its all heading in the right direction. My husband went back to work today and we have missed him but he has been wonderful these last two week and he is so happy to have his son by his side. It really is wonderful and soon I’ll start to realise this is a reality!

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Its Almost Time

On Monday we are going to meet our son for the first time. Its a planned cesarean and we are as ready as we are ever going to be. Its Saturday night, so I just have one more day tomorrow to potter round, to make sure I have everything ready for my hospital stay and to keep as calm as possible.

It was a really beautiful day today, probably the hottest day so far this year. Husband mowed the lawn and I spent lots of time just soaking up the rays in the garden and planting a few seeds and generally killing time. I went to hospital to give a blood sample ready for the op on Monday in case its needed. The rest of the day was free and pretty relaxing and it will be the same again tomorrow.

So my little fellow I think we are ready for you. Am done with all the thinking, we both are and its time to do some doing and to look after you and love you! My mind can’t encapsulate whats about to happen but I guess it will all happen naturally.

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Thank you note to my baby boy!

Dear baby

Just a short note to say thank you to you for bringing out and encouraging so many great things from myself and your Dad. Your Dad has worked hard on your room this week. He has given it a fresh coat of paint and a beautiful boarder and he is currently painting a chest of draws for you to match your lovely cot we have on order. Its very exciting for him and he is so keen for you to have a lovely room to live in.

We are both very proud of your room, as although its not all matching everything is chosen with love and a sense of fun. Last week we found a nice rug in the town center! Its all chosen with your well being and development in mind.

Very shortly we are going to hang your curtains up, jungle animals are the theme, the lady who made them said that they were the best curtains she had made in ages! I can’t wait to see them up. I’ve also made you a baby mobile with stars, a material elephant and also a love heart stuffed with lavender (I’ll make a few of those to come), that was your Aunty Leigh’s idea.

So you see you have brought out a wonderful side to us both, plus a team work side too, we are loving preparing for you. I just hope you are fit and healthy and we can enjoy you and watching you develop as you go along. Big hugs, your loving Mummy.

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OK so even socalising is tiring!

Life is so surreal at the moment. Am just drifting meeting up with people for tea, cake and advise and yet at the same time I feel like a young girl about to sit an exam whose mind has gone blank!

Today I met up with a friend of mine and her little grandson and daughter. She brought some useful things for me especially emergency milk in case we see it. It was lovely to hold little baby boy, he so cute and at 8 months shuffling on the floor and  curious about everything.

This afternoon I met with a neighbor over the road and again she gave me lots of advise, she is so sweet and helpful. Its so good to have such support around us. I know we will be fine.

Am so  shattered today I think I might need to SLOW down. Tomorrow am meant to meet a friend in the afternoon. I recon I can make that. Friday was meant to meet a friend but her baby came 2 weeks early! A little girl! So there we go, some free time for me! Next week will need to be slower.

So what came in the post today, a baby book which I can start to complete for my baby and some lavender so I can stuff some shapes and hang them in the baby’s room to make it and his clothes smell nice!

Another lovely day. I had a good chat with my boss, but again work stuff isn’t that exciting, but as he is a friend it was nice to catch up about other things.

Baby is doing well and moving lots, still not engaged, love him dearly and just hope he is ok. Am trying to shut off any scary thoughts, no use for those.

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Beautiful New Born

Yesterday I had my ladies round from the birthing classes for tea. So baby one came, she was a 4 hour labor, nothing complicated, absolutely beautiful. Her Dad came too. Her Mother is doing great and looks amazing. We all got a chance to hold her. Having her in my arms brought so much home to me, her small breaths, her tiny eye brows, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Lady and baby born number two couldn’t make it, still in hospital after an emergency cesarean but doing grand. Infact we had a really long call in the morning and she told me all about it. She was very positive about cesareans as well which was good and felt she had had really good care throughout, but what a long process it had been for her!

The lady due next, infact she is due today, was in need of a bit of a pick me up. She is currently 1 cm dialated and the midwife could even feel the babies head a few days ago, she was feeling a bit down and a bit clumsy and was very glad of the company.

The lady due after didn’t come as she wasn’t feeling too goo! Then there’s me! And the last lady to be due was fine and in good spirits and equally as in awe of the baby as me.

It was a really lovely afternoon. I can’t believe in less than two weeks our baby will be in our arms and we can hold him and love him. My anxiety comes and goes but am sure its only natural. Generally speaking am in really good spirits and so happy being away from the hassle of work. Its making me so calm and is so necessary.

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A week of socialising and me time begins

With a not so social and self indulgent trip to the spa. If I stay at home there is plenty to do and my body and mind fancies a little break. So off I go very shortly. My husband will drop me off before work and pick me up after. I am then forced to chill. And why not. I’ll even see if they have any treatments on offer!

Tonight am off to see another pregnant friend, tomorrow the girls from birthing class come round for tea, then am seeing an elderly neighbour. Wednesday a friend and then a neighbour. Thursday another friend, Friday a friend who is due same time as me. Weekend more baby stuff with my husband although we should be almost ready. The biggest thing we need to do is order a cot.

Life away from work is so nice. Am getting a bit more tired now and carrying this extra weight is taking  a bit of a toll on me. I feel very uncomfortable after food as well.

Anyway am feeling good. Baby still moving around alot, just not in the engaged position, he must prefer breech!

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Maternity leave – a week has gone bye

So a week has gone by since I left work and I haven’t looked back. I haven’t checked my emails or phone, I’ve just gone cold turkey and walked away. Its been good fun. Easter Sunday my sister in law came down with our niece and her husband and we spent a lot of time out and about, it was tiring but really good fun. Our niece is a delight to be around. Still the cat hisses at small people! Never mind the training was good for her. Last

Last Thursday we went to the hospital for another scan. Our little friend still has not turned. I knew that was the case as my midwife sister in law had been doing her own checks. So after a bit of debating we are booked in for a C section 22nd April. It was a hard decision as I wanted a natural birth. However the risks of turning didn’t appeal. So I know we have done the right decision. So we shall now look forwards. Coffee with my NCT buddies was very timely that afternoon. There were only three of us. Of those that couldn’t make it, one has just had a baby, one was pampering herself at a spa and the other one is over due a baby and I hope she is ok. It was good to see my friends nursery and how she has done it. Its a small cosy room, all matching and pretty. Its given me an incentive to do some more work on ours! Also we went over a few things like what was in our hospital bags, breast feeding and cesareans for my benefit! It was good.

Friday my step mum and sister came down. We had lunch together cooked by my sis and I helped her with her interview prep. My step mum brought along some nice things shower gell, oranges, earl gray, a beautiful rug and a lovely bag all good. It was a nice boost, plus she has had a cesarean and gave me some tips.

Yesterday we went on a First Aid course for babies. Very helpful and I need to go over it all again but good stuff to know. We had lunch with our buddies after who were also on the course and we caught up, their baby comes 3 weeks after us and is also a boy. Its all good. My husband did more work on the bedroom for baby that afternoon and I spent some money on some lovely curtains with jungle animals on them! Naughty but nice. We bought a few more things  like cartons of milk, some big pants for cesareans, a comforter and some feeding bras and nappies. And I finished off my mobile. It looks amazing, lots of brightly colored stars. Today I hope to buy a rug. I’ve also ordered a baby book and some lavender to go in my stuffed shapes for the babies bedroom. This baby is so loved. I so can’t wait to see him. What on earth is he going to be like!

Got lots planned for next week a slower week with more socialising and chats with friends. A touch of cleaning and prep. Not too much shopping I hope. Must get a bit of swimming in too and spa before my membership runs out.

Am feeling lovely and relaxed and just a tiny bit anxious about cesarean recovery! But am working on it. Am also hoping for a bit nicer weather too as have lots I want to get done in the garden! Am working on who I can get to help me too!

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